Terms of Payment
Payment can be made by Visa or Mastercard. First time clients must call the office ahead of their clean with payment information. Payment is due on the day of clean. Clients may be asked to pay up front when they are booking for the first time, book last minute, or have an established record of late or declined payment.

Occasional and first time clients receive an invoice/receipt for each clean.
Regular clients get an end of month statement with account details.

NSF checks and credit card charge backs are billed $30 for administrative costs. Interest is charged on all overdue amounts at the rate of 1.5% per month, accruing monthly.

Scheduling & Cancellation Policy

Changes to cleaning times and schedules must be communicated directly to the office via phone or email. Cleaning staff are not responsible for communicating messages from client to office. Future scheduled cleanings will remain unchanged unless you communicate the change directly to the office.

We require at least two business days (48 hours) notice of a last minute cancellation or change. Time of notice is the time the email or phone call is received in the office. Office hours are Monday to Friday 9 – 4.

Courtesy time for notice – out of respect for staff – is 2 weeks to ensure good work schedules for all staff. Client cancelling last minute repeatedly will be refused further service in order to maintain staff.

If staff arrive during the requested cleaning day and time and they are turned away for any reason, or cannot gain entrance for any reason, the client will be billed for the time booked.

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Please ensure your home is accessible to us. Providing keys and various codes is at the discretion of the client. All keys are coded and remain with staff as they do not visit the office daily.

Clients with key access via a concierge must provide their concierge with the full name of staff. Ensure your concierge asks for proper ID before providing keys. Our company name is not an acceptable form of staff ID. The hourly rate is applied from the time staff arrive on the premises, staff are paid for their time waiting for access.

Do not convey any security information via email or text. If you offer this information to the company in electronic format, you take the risk that someone other than us may access the information.

Quality of Service

Our staff will do the best possible job they can in the time they have available. Since the condition of each home varies, it is possible that they may not be able to complete the job in the time available. If you choose not to book additional time, staff will do the best job they can in the time available. Work that is not completed due to the time restraints of the booking, extra job requests, fine details, or buildup, will require an additional booking according to staff availability.

If the work done is not to your satisfaction, please call us within 24 hours. We can schedule staff to come in and redo work if needed (at no additional cost to you). Scheduling is dependent on access to the site. Requests received by our office after 24 hours will be incorporated into your next cleaning.

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Gratuity Options

If you like to show your appreciation of staff through gratuity, you may leave a cash tip for staff (preferred method) or request the office add a tip amount to your invoice. The tip amount invoiced will be paid to the staff on their next paycheck.