Questions and Answers


Q: Can I book a slot of time instead of a the standard clean?

A: Yes. You can have a Time Cap set along with a priority list. But be aware that our minimum is 2.5 hours. Minimums are set to compensate staff for travel time between jobs. If you are an apartment and you schedule your clean on the same day as another apartment in your building, the office may consider a 2 hour minimum.

Q: Do I get a better price if I use the service weekly or biweekly?

A: Yes. Weekly and biweekly clients can sign a one year contract to reduce their hourly rate. Conditions apply.

Q: What if I want the service every three weeks?

A: It is a difficult task to schedule staff every three weeks since all staff have a biweekly rotating schedule. If you are flexible about day and time, the office may find a slot to book your clean in. Expect more schedule changes with this option.


Q: Do you send in a team or one person?

A: Earth Concerns sends one person into your home. Teams of two or more compound set up and set down time that you end up paying for. As well, when evaluations of work are made, we know who to address. However, clients may request more than one staff for the clean and pay the cleaning rate per staff.

Q: Does the person change every clean?

A: The office works to maintain consistency of staff due to benefits of familiarity for both client and staff. Schedule changes and necessary staff time off does occur. The office will inform you of any change as well as prepare staff for the new worksite. When staff take vacation or need time off, we have relief staff options.

Q: What about staff turnover?

A: Turnover does happen. Over the years, Earth Concerns has focused on a positive work environment to limit turnover and we are getting results. There are particular times of year that are prone to more turnover than others -the beginning of spring, fall and throughout July and August. You will be informed of any change of staff ahead of time.


Q: How do I give feedback on the clean?

A: The office will follow up your first clean with a feedback call or email. However you are welcome to provide feedback to the office by phone or email at any time. For simple directions you'd like to pass on to staff, you may communicate with staff directly or with a note.

Q: But will I be happy with the service?

A: You will determine whether you our service meets your needs. Most complaints we receive are standard fare such an end table that is missed during cleaning, which can be easily corrected.

Client Satisfaction