Supplies & Products

Our clients have the vacuum, broom, mop, bucket, products and cloths at the job-site. Instead of a fleet of cars carrying vacuums gloriously around the city in a cloud of smog, staff at Earth Concerns Cleaning use public transit and/or bicycles to access the job-site.

Moving mops, vacuums and tools from house to house is not hygienic and a potential allergy and bug issue. Cleaning teams who drive around the city spend 50% of their time in the car. Many cleaning companies don’t pay for that travel time. At Earth Concerns Cleaning we pay for staff travel time between jobsites to ensure a fair and sustainable wage for staff.

We can cover what product options are available by phone, email or during the survey. Contrary to assumption, the cost of green cleaning products are minimal and not more expensive than other cleaning products. Earth Concerns sells a start-up 4 product package ($18) or our 5 product package ($23)and a start-up 7 cloth package ($6.49) at wholesale rates to first time clients.

Ask us our opinion about supplies on the market including vacuums, brooms and mops.

Call us at 416-535-9397 or email us at to ask about our “first time client” specials.