Why Environmental

Most of understand the need to consider the environment when it comes to chemicals in the home and office and donít need convincing. We even get the need to consider our health and our families by not adding unnecessary chemicals to our homes. Chemicals in cleaning products can be neurotoxins, carcinogens, teratogens, hormone disruptors, and triggers for allergies and asthma.

The health and safety of the cleaner isnít everyoneís thought but it is our concern at Earth Concerns Cleaning. Our staff work with cleaning products every work day and the health consequences for cleaners have not been fully studied. High asthma rates of cleaners in the US have been attributed to chemicals found in cleaning products. Our clients provide a healthy work environment with their own commitment to health and the environment.

Part of that healthy work environment, are policies established by Earth Concerns Cleaning in order to provide a respectful workplace for staff. Please make sure you read and understand our cancellation policy. Our cancellation policy is designed out of respect for staff: to provide and maintain a reliable work week and sustainable living for staff.

Earth Concerns is environmentally safe for the health of the client, the staff, the community, the economy, and the world environment.