Our Fees

Regular cleans are billed at $27/hour.

The hourly rate is based on one staff member in the home. The cost is set to compensate staff well for work done and travel time between jobs.

The average cost of a home in Toronto is $94.50
The average cost of an apartment is $67.50

Time is dependent on:

1) general size of home, number of bathrooms, floors, bedrooms
2) lifestyle: minimalist to clutter prone
3) activity within home: number of adults, children and pets
4) client expectation: custom cleaning requirements
5) frequency of clean: weekly, biweekly, monthly, occasional

Call us at 416-535-9397 and ask us about our "first time client specials".

If you would like to be on our "Occasional Special" list, send us an email at info@earthconcerns.com and we will contact you whenever we have a special offer.

Regular clients wanting intensive cleaning (spring, fall, pre-move, and post-move cleans) are billed a rate of $30/hour. Post-construction cleans are billed at $35/hour.

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All prices above are subject to applicable taxes (HST). All prices subject to change.