Client Satisfaction

The Survey

The jobsite survey is a chance to get to know us. Surveys last about 15 - 20 minutes and involve a quick run through the home. We create a jobnote which is a guideline for staff on your home along with any special requests or details. Surveys can be booked through the office. Book well ahead during busy seasons.


Don't let any company tell you that complaints never happen unless they are cleaning with robots. A company that claims "no complaints" is not taking client feedback seriously. Part of good management is feedback both good and bad. Staff rely on feedback to keep in touch with the client's expectation. The office relies on feedback to strengthen our service.

Your feedback allows us to fine tune the clean. Was an important area missed or done different than you would like? Did you think of a custom cleaning request? Do you want staff to focus on one area more and another less the next clean?

Staff appreciate your feedback and knowing you are happy with the clean.