Cancellation Policy

Courtesy time for cancellation is one week or more to allow for better staff scheduling.

If you have to cancel last minute, we require at least 2 business days notice of a cancellation. Clients canceling later than 2 business days are billed for the full time booked.

Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 4:00

Do not count on email alone for last minute cancellations. Cancellation time is based on the time we receive the information. Emails that never arrive or arrive too late are not considered effective notice.

If you are scheduled as a weekly, biweekly (every 2 weeks), or monthly client (every 4 weeks), bookings occur regularly on that frequency until you inform the office otherwise.

Site surveys: Earth Concerns provides a free survey for all first time clients. The free survey requires one booked clean. Site surveys cost $37.50 without any clean booked or with cancellation of the clean booked.

Our cancellation policy is designed out of respect for staff: by maintaining a reliable work week and sustainable living for staff we can retain the best staff.