About Us

Earth Concerns Cleaning is an eco-friendly cleaning service in Toronto for condos, apartments, houses, and your home. Our goal is to provide a healthy cleaning option for both client and staff while maintaining high cleaning standards and a positive work environment.

Allison Sletcher used healthy cleaning options in her own home because of chemical sensitivities. In 1995, she began cleaning homes, apartments, and condos on her own using green cleaning products and techniques. Demand for eco-friendly home cleaning was high but cleaners refused to give up on heavy chemicals. Thus, Earth Concerns Cleaning was the first eco-friendly cleaning service in Toronto dedicated to green cleaning.

Her experience cleaning homes, apartments, and condos became the basis of our training program for staff. Staff are trained in expectation on the job, speed and environmental products and techniques.

Earth Concerns is a small company with an emphasis on good service and a positive work environment.

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An ethical company that pays fair wages and respects workers is high on my priority list. I worked as a cleaner when I was younger in a company that made us work 12 hour days and did not pay for travel time between homes. I have also come across cleaning companies that say they are fair trade but their cleaners are contract workers.- Kate W.

This seems like a good time to mention that I'm really grateful for the good service that your company provides. It's so nice that you organize well, and it's such a relief to know that I can trust you to do this well, at a really busy time for me.- Catherine D.

Thanks so much! She does a fantastic job! I work at home and she always checks in with me about what time I want my office done and then stays out of my way for the rest of the clean.- John R.